Samples from hundreds of crops, artifacts, buildings, props and animated creatures with multiple states I concepted and illustrated for the orthographic Facebook game Fantasy Kingdoms.
(Above) A "test" asset with a new style, done just for fun.
(Above) concept and final with on/off states and faces left or right, illustrated in PhotoShop.
(Above) concept, illustration and animation done by me in vector Adobe Flash CS3
3D animated dragon creature. Concept art by me.
Snow Pegasus concept and illustration in PhotoShop
Lava set of assets for Fantasy Kingdoms. Assets made of lava illustrated by me. Other assets art direction by me. (Artifact in top right by Clint Strawn.)
(Above) Under the ocean assets illustrated by me. (Fish school by Clint Strawn.)
Above 3 of 5 standard states for artifacts. Created in PhotoShop.
Concept for 3D animated creature.

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