This is one of my favorite slots I've illustrated. Central Design utilized my Paul Bunyan theme idea to design it. They really let me expand the scope quite a lot to do some story telling in the imagery. It was fun to work on and my team did an incredible job on making it fun to play too.
Paul and Babe character designs, symbols, transition screens, background and feature illustrations by Logynn Hailley. 
Tech Artists Kamry Rea and Hailey Metzger. 
Programmed by Alex Jagim. 
QA by Jean-Remy Noble. 
Sound by Adam Gill. 
Animations by Brandon Batterson and Craig Cafaro.
Symbols A and B and background polish/color assistance by Nissa Krider. 
Symbols F, G and Wild concepts by Andrew Bouska. 
Creative Director Mike Fall. Game Design Nate Sherrets.

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