"Dead End Date" below created entirely in Adobe Illustrator CS5
"The Chakra Secret" for Absolute Love Publishing. Adobe Illustrator finished in PhotoShop.
"Adima Rising" for Absolute Love Publishing. Fractals generated in Apophysis 2.0. Text and other graphics made in Adobe Illustrator finished in PhotoShop.
"The Emerald Tablet" 1 of 3 covers.
Several books, albums, fliers and inserts below feature Mehtab Benton, a friend and client of mine. Mehtab owns Yoga Yoga (a studio with more than 6000 student in Austin, TX) and Bookshelf Press. He travels internationally teaching gong, kundalini yoga and Vedic astrology. Each artwork is mocked up or outlined in Adobe Illustrator and then painted in PhotoShop.
Illustration for Navel of the World
Below are examples from dozens of interior illustrations for Mehtab Benton's Astrology Yoga and Gong Yoga books.
Created in Adobe Illustrator CS5
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